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From the beach


octopus lg red frit_edited.jpg

Color glass octopus rolled in frit

large red 4" diam 

octopus lg blue frit.JPG

Color glass octopus rolled in frit

large blue 4" diam 

octopus wood_edited.jpg

Color glass octopus rolled in frit

mounted on wood large green 4" 

octopus frit hang.JPG

Color glass hanging octopus rolled in frit blue 2"h 

turtles color rake.JPG

Color glass turtle raked sm= 2"

mini= 1.5"

dolpin sm rake.JPG

Color glass dolphins

mini=1.5"L small= 2"L

dolphin painted small=2" & mini=1.5"


color glass shark small=2.5"L large= 5"L

shark mini=2",small=2.5" &large= 4"

color glass whale sm=2" & mini=1"

whale mini=1" & small=2"

flamingo small=3"h & mini=1.5"h

with or without wings

palm tree monkey med=5"

palm tree flamingo 3"


Palatypus 1.5" L

seahorse 4" &1.5"

cfa dolphin_edited.jpg
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