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Love, Mom etc.

Assorted roses for any occasion


Mom Butterfly 4"

20190907_165828 (1).jpg

Mom birds

on 2.5" mirror


Nana heart


on 2.5" mirror

Mom Butterfly

on 2.5" mirror

Mom heart 4"h

Mom Plaque 1.5"h

Grandma Heart 4"

Grandma plaque 1.5"h

Nana Heart 4"

Nana plaque 1.5"h

Nana Heart 2.5"mirror

Love You Heart 4"

Love plaque 1.5"h

Aunt Heart 4"

Aunt plaque 1.5"h

Sister Heart 4"

Sisters heart

Sister plaque 1.5"

Sisters plaque 1.5"h

Friend Heart 4"

Friend plaque 1.5"h

Friends heart

Friends plaque


Mom birds

on 2.5" mirror

***  More to come soon ***
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